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Founded by Jean Gehrig in 1993, SCL International is dedicated to the manufacture of advanced technological machines dedicated to treatment of ophthalmic lenses present in the world.

Président Denis GEHRIG

President's word

SCL International was born out of one man’s inspiration, Jean Gehrig, who harnessed its potential, transforming it into today’s well-known company, a widely recognized partner in the ophthalmic industry. Clients around the world who have placed their trust in us, are growing from strength to strength benefiting from SCL’s high-quality equipment, processes and know-how. Our expertise is the result of many years of experience in the field and of a stable team, who at my side, focus every day on our key purpose, serving our customers. Hard coating technology is highly exacting and SCL machines for ophthalmic treatment are carefully designed to ensure the final result of this process. Our process control experience acquired over the years, allied to our machines, enables our customers to produce with confidence, whilst knowing that they can rely on us to always stand by them. And if we can do more, we will !

SCL International President

Founded by Jean Gehrig in 1993, SCL INTERNATIONAL is dedicated to produce advanced technology machines for the treatment of the ophthalmic lenses produced by labs present worldwide. Our know-how and our expertise of ophthalmics allow us to manufacture machines for cleaning, hard coating and their peripherals in order to equip worldwide labs while ensuring their security thanks to the high SCL experience based on continuous production expertise.

For a complete service, SCL studies, produces and sells varnishes and detergents adapted to different organic substrats such as ophthalmic lenses.



A thought... a few ideas... a will.
Jean GEHRIG chooses ophthalmics as activity field
A necessity : the first HARD COAT machine Jean GEHRIG produces 50 000 poly lenses per day
Jean and Denis GEHRIG create SCL company
The first series of “HARD COAT” machines are created
SCL is moving forward... and is present in 5 countries
SCL is building its new manufacture 10 minutes away from “GENEVA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT"
Photo lunette
SCL is present in 66 worldwide countries. More than 500 machines have been delivered... These machines “CLEAN and- COAT” more than 60 millions lenses / year in the world.....
SCL opens its "new" building. 3000 m2 are dedicated to the production. Expertise and Research labs are increased threefold. 7 engineers, 25 technicians and assistants are at the customer service for its success.
10 engineers, 37 technicians and assistants. SCL has sold and installed more than 800 machines in 72 countries throughout the world
Expansion of our premises by adding 500 square meters of space (workshop, stock room, receiving area)
New open work offices and a dedicated area for employees to enjoy lunch

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Index of gender equality 2024

The index of professional equality between women and men has been established to assess the situation of companies in this regard and to put an end to professional inequalities.

This index is calculated based on these 4 key indicators:

Index H/F

Even though SCL International cannot display its score as it is not calculable, it nonetheless demonstrates its commitment to promoting equality between women and men in employment advancement, careers, and compensation, as well as in balancing their professional and personal lives.

This commitment has translated into concrete actions to continue the effort that has already been made:

  • Regularly monitor salaries applied based on a comparison between women and men recruited for jobs corresponding to equal value work (identical classification and compensation)
  • Promote the integration of women into occupations primarily occupied by men (presence of women in workshops)


  • Promote the reconciliation of women’s professional lives with their personal lives by deploying part-time work (67% of part-time arrangements are for women, and more than 36% of women work part-time)
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