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SCL offers a state of the art tinting process for the ophthalmic industry, whether a full tint effect is required or when creating tailored gradient tinted lenses.
With SCL’s expertise at your disposal, gain a high degree of precision over a number of different factors when producing full tint or custom made gradient tints.

Our highly reactive team utilizing innovative methods can provide a wide array of possibilities for meeting all client requirements.
Our tinting machines are equipped with a fully customizable gradient system, laminar flow, an air exhaust module, a system for regulating the tank level as well as a stirring function to ensure homogeneity of the tank contents whilst regulating its temperature.

We also offer additional tool options for optimizing operator control of machine consumption levels, (minimization of water consumption, safety management for tank heating, tank insulation for improved stabilization of bath temperature therefore enabling a reduction in electricity consumption).

At SCL we never compromise on :

  • The Quality of our equipment
  • Our machine CE Compliance for operator safety
  • Safeguarding your name
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