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ILO 1000

The SCL In-Line-Oven family is growing with ILO 1000. In terms of capacity, it perfectly matches SCL hard coating machines. The ILO 1000 features a conveyor system for optimized thermal temperature and improved heat transmission to lenses. Curing temperature can be significantly reduced, thanks to the airflow uniformity and an improved convection. Time and temperature conditions can be easily controlled and adapted, ensuring homogeneous temperature throughout the cycle. A better accessibility to each module ensures an easy maintenance and cleaning. The ILO 1000 is perfect to replace multiple batch ovens.

Features and Benefits

  • In-line production flow (FIFO): much easier production management, same curing treatment for all lenses, less manpower requested, shorter total process time
  • Modular design: adaptable throughput, independant temperature set point per module
  • Step by step conveyor
  • Dynamic hot air oven: homogeous field of temperature, more efficient curing, air flow parallel to the surface of lenses, temperature set point up to 140°C
  • Cooling zone before removing the rack (operators safety against hot surfaces)
  • Large access from the top to the curring and cooling zones
  • User friendly HMI (easy production monitoring)

Technical data

  • Machine splittable in several parts for shipment
  • In-line oven with 2 curing modules
  • Dimensions 445 x 144 x 150 cm
  • Weight ~ 1200 kg
  • Electricity ~ 37,4 kW / 400 V (3Ph + N + Gnd)
  • Compressed air No
  • Compliances CE and UL

Production capacity

  • Lenses / cycle up to 200
  • Type of lenses all types Ø 40 to 80 mm
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