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Non tintable varnish 160 74 NT

SCL offers hard coating processes by dipping or flow coating, which ensures performance and durability in accordance with the ophthalmic industry standards. SCL provides thermal cure sol-gel coatings suitable for different ophthalmic lens indexes, with good weathering performance, abrasion resistance, excellent adhesion and compatibility with anti-reflective coatings:
  • Non-tintable varnishes with 1.52 or 1.58 refractive index for different types of lenses (CR39, 1.56, Trivex, High index)
  • 1.52 refractive index tintable varnish
  • 1.5 refractive index varnishes, primerless for Polycarbonate and Polyamide
  • 1.45 refractive index varnish, primerless for PMMA
  • NMP Free primer compatible with our standard 1.52 varnish for Polycarbonate
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  • Varnish 1.58

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