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Hard coating

A whole range of hard coating machinery, adapted to your real need. What ever you are :
  • Beginner
  • Actor on your market
  • Leader on your market
  • Expert
You will always found the suitable machine :
  • Competitive prices
  • Evolutionary machine, adapted to each customers
  • Optional automated systems to guarantee your production and your security as well as your operators comfort.
We do not compromise with :
  • The quality of our equipments
  • CE and ATEX equipment certification for your operators safety
  • The safety of your name
To quickly understand which equipment is most suitable for you, the "SCL MACHINE CHART" can help you. Download datasheet >


Because tinting process and hard coating are linked, our experience for both process allow us to supply a range of tinting machine, simple or very sophisticated.


Building and selling machineries is not complex and even quite easy. But selling a machinery with its consumables and giving the results warranty is something else. To guaranty the safety and success of its customers, SCL offers a whole range of consumables, combined with our machines. One Machine + Consumables + Processes + a Results ONLY ONE GOAL : OUR CUSTOMER SAFETY