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Control station

Situated at the exit of the hard coat machine, this station gives the possibility to do efficient checking of the lenses before the final polymerization. Thought for the ergonomy, it gives the possibility to stock the lens-holders, to control the cosmetic of the lenses and to prepare the grates for the oven. This station includes:
  • 1 laminate worktable (allows to work seated or standing)
  • 1 closed top envelope
  • 1 contrast control lamp for quick and safe control
  • 4 supports for 12 empty racks or racks with lenses (excellent working range)

Features and Benefits

  • 1 stratified working table 110 x 65 x 90 cm (allows to work sitting or standing or both)
  • 1 mat black painted roof creating a chamber (quick and safe control)
  • 1 control lamp placed horizontally or vertically with white and black contrast (quick and safe control whithout eyestrain)
  • 4 supports for 12 empty racks or racks with lenses (good organisation, storage system and ergonomic space)
  • More space for the elements: rack supports, ergonomic mounting tool for lenses, grate of the oven, plastic alcohol dispensers, etc, (multifonctional and essential for a good organisation)

Technical data

  • Station in 1 part
  • Dimensions 111 x 66 x 187 cm
  • Weight ~ 45 kg
  • Electricity ~ 20 W / 230 V (1Ph + N + Gnd)
  • Compressed air Non
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