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CC 16V

The CC16V cleaning machine is designed for mid-sized production. It produces up to 200 lenses/h. Designed to clean after coating, it helps to get cleaned lenses for inspection before vacuum coating. Equipped with less technology than its big brother CS10, it presents an economically prized alternative. Manual loading and unloading of the CC16P takes place at the side doors. The automatic detergent and water refilling allows an easy maintenance and no production stop.The cleaner features six cleaning tanks for fast processing. Batching is manually required. This machine can be completed with the following items:
  • Automatic osmosis unit for ultra pure water production
  • Draining tank with lift pump
  • Ergonomic preparation/control station
  • Lens-holders and rack for 16 lenses

Features and Benefits

  • Ultrasonic cleaning between hard coating and MC/AR
  • Minimal foot print and compact design (for compact layout)
  • Automatic detergent and water refilling (easy maintenance, stable process and no production stop)
  • Optimized water and energy consumption (sustainable process)

Technical data

  • Machine in 1 part
  • Dimensions 82 cm x 100 cm x 169 cm
  • Weight ~ 610 kg
  • Electricity 5,2 kW / 400 V (3Ph + N + Gnd)
  • Compressed air No
  • Flow machine Left to right or from right to left
  • Compliances CE and UL

Production capacity

  • Cycle time ~ 5 minutes
  • Lenses / cycle 16
  • Lenses / hour 192
  • Type of lenses All types Ø 40 to 80 mm

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